Create your Sacred Ritual

Create your Sacred Ritual

By Valeria Zabalgoitia

Create your Sacred Ritual

This Full Harvest Moon in Pisces falls on the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Harvest Moon illuminates the harvest in our lives, whether it is the literal harvest with crops from our garden, or the energy around us that we are harvesting, this is a great influential time to know where we stand now and how we are finishing out our year.

This Full Moon is specially related to the Autumn Equinox. It is a time where everything is illuminated in order to gather the harvest. The Full Moon sheds its brilliant light, making everything easy to see and gather. This is the harvest time, where all the hard work and effort we have put into things in the past, so tirelessly, is about to be rewarded. We will start to reap what we have sewn.

~ Just as our wise plant allies do at this time of year… May we let go of what no longer serves us. Let’s shed our fears and create space for what’s to come. This is our opportunity to advance our souls growth. Now is the time to call manifestation ~ Keywords for this Pisces Full Moon are: sensitivity, intuition, music, dreams, escapes, the ocean, creativity, dance, nature, forgiveness, spirituality, openness and compassion.

 Quoting Natalie aka @risewithnatalie , my dear friend, astrologer and spiritual coach whom I shared my herbalism apprenticeship with, who did an incredible post about this Full Moon… Here are a few words from it:

“The full moon is when we are full, complete and able to make space to close a pattern, habit, relationship or person/people. It is when the light is so bright it illuminates the truth that perhaps we’ve been suppressing or hiding.

With this illumination comes a rocking, sometimes so great if creates disparate need for change.. and we get there through events occurring suddenly, the overwhelm of emotions, and a need to cut off, or change our way of thinking. This is why the full moon corresponds w/ releasing.


Take time to rest your dear soul and to do whichever modalities lift your spirit most: being creative, movement, painting, music, meditation, sound healing, breathwork, yoga, plant medicine, shamanic journeying. Pisces is one of the most creative signs, sing!! Get in touch with your creativity to get into flow.” 

This is a very simple but sacred ritual that I like to practice for most Full Moons: 

🌕 create a safe space under the moon and stars. You can set up a blanket, pillow and  candle. Bring any precious items to you, such as crystals, pictures of your choice and/or any form of art that you may want to spend time with on this divine portal. 💫

🌕 connect to the four directions and elements by bringing a feather, or any other air element evoking item, a crystal, flower, or earth element piece, any blessing herb to burn such as palo santo, sage, cedar, sweetgrass; and a shell or any other water element totem 🐚 🕯 🪶 

🌕 prepare a magical herbal tea blend of your choice🌿 a favorite of mine that is nourishing and helps connect to the spiritual realm and opens up the third eye & crown chakra is: Egyptian blue lotus, lavender, oatstraw, linden, skullcap, damiana and blue vervain.

 I always love preparing infusions (long step teas) in large mason glass jars, so I can continue sipping for a long time either that same day or the next day... I really enjoy the potent herbal flavor and I can feel a much stronger plant medicine effect! 

🌕 play some music that you feel called to listen or play a singing or Tibetan bowl if you have one around 🎵 

🌕 begin your ritual by lighting up your candle, burn your blessing herbs. Holding your cup of tea close to your heart. Imagine mama nature hugging you heart to heart! Bring your cup to your nose and immerse yourself into the potent medicinal powers of herbs just by smelling your tea. As my teacher Marysia @marysiamiernowska used to say: “anoint yourself with the tea by dipping your finger in the tea and gently touching each of your chakras. When you are ready, start sipping your tea.


🌕 ARA Rituals Herbal Relax Tincture

This is the perfect time to take 2 or even 3 droppers of our Herbal Relax tincture and find stillness within you. You can either place the drops directly under your tongue or add them to your herbal tea blend! The combination of St. John’s Wort, lavender, linden, ashwaganda and passion flower will open, soften, sooth and melt your heart! The ideal tincture to relax and settle in for a deep meaningful transformative meditation.



🌕 meditation & moonlight bathing 🧘🏽‍♀️

You can either sit up crossed leg position or any other comfortable way to you or simply lay down facing up. Look at the moon and think of an intention you would like to set for this fall equinox and full moon! Start by taking deep breaths while you relax and melt into earth for as long as you wish to. Become one with her.

🌕 reflect & journaling 📝

After your meditation, come back to the ARA or present moment. Spend a few moments grounding yourself. Align your chakras and reflect on what came to you during or after your meditation. Did you notice energy flowing into any specific area of your body? What feelings arise at this moment? Are you identifying the need to release or let go of any unwanted feelings? Are you sensing a desire to create art? If you feel called to, journal about what came to you, see where you are standing and where would you like to go from here. What would you like to attract into your life?

🌕 release ceremony 🕯

This Full Harvest Moon & Fall Equinox is a potent time to do a Full Moon Release Ceremony as well! You can write down all of the things that you would like to release on a piece of paper. Read your releases out loud while staring at the moon. Light up the paper and place it on a cauldron, fire pit or ashtray. Thank the Moon.

May you have a transformative and nourishing Happy Fall Equinox lovelies! 

Happy Spring equinox to our beloved friends in the Southern Hemisphere as well! 🌱✨🌸 


Valeria Zabalgoitia

ARA Rituals Co-Founder, herbalist, earth keeper, natural dyer, nature lover.



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